Georgia Tech Football Player KO's Teammate AGAIN … Round 2, Baby!!

Georgia Tech Football Player

KO’s Teammate AGAIN

… Round 2, Baby!!


The Georgia Tech football player who knocked his teammate out cold earlier this year … fought and KO’d HIM AGAIN later that SAME DAY … and we have the video.

TMZ Sports obtained video that we’re told was taken only hours after the original fight — where starting CB Step Durham landed a perfectly placed hook on the chin of Lance Austin — turning his fellow CB’s lights out.

Unlike the first fight vid, it’s hard to make out the players’ faces … but we are told it’s Step and Lance.

A witness to the 2nd scrap tells us that Austin wanted to run the fight back … and redeem himself for takin’ an L the first time around.

But, the 2nd round ended just like the 1st … with a right hook sending Austin crashing to locker room floor.

We sent GT the video … and they told us it was “All part of the same incident that our coaching staff was aware of.”

Earlier this week the university told us they disciplined the players … but would not reveal the punishment.

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