Harvey Weinstein's Ex-Wife Says He Owes $5 Mil in Child Support

Harvey Weinstein

Owes $5 Mil in Child Support

Ex Worries He’s Going Broke

12/21/2017 2:15 PM PST

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Harvey Weinstein‘s ex-wife says he’s blowing stacks of cash on lawyers to fight sexual assault and harassment claims, and she’s worried his children will get left in the lurch … to the tune of $5 mil.

Eve Chilton was in a Manhattan court Thursday telling the judge she is watching all the lawsuits pile up against Weinstein. According to the NY Post, she insisted the movie mogul is pre-paying attorneys millions of dollars to defend him in those cases.

Chilton’s concern, according to attorney Bonnie Rabin, is the money she says Weinstein still owes in child support. Their 3 daughters are currently 22, 19 and 15 … but, according to their 2004 divorce agreement, Weinstein has to fork over $60 mil.

Rabin says there’s $5 mil outstanding, and they have good reason to be concerned he won’t have it when the dust settles from his legal woes. She added, Weinstein’s net worth — reportedly around $240 million — means he can certainly afford to pay the lump sum now … while he can.

Weinstein’s lawyer says there’s no reason for concern, and told the judge his client has never missed a single child support payment in 14 years.