Jay Z Refocuses Kneeling Protest by Wearing Kapernick Jersey on 'SNL'

Jay Z

Refocuses Kneeling Protest

Wears Kapernick Jersey on ‘SNL’

10/1/2017 7:35 AM PDT

Jay Z made a not-so-subtle statement on the season opener of “SNL” … with his Colin Kaepernick jersey.

Jay and Damian Marley were the musical guests and performed “Bam” from his “4:44” album.

It’s an “unofficial” jersey but the message is clear …  it’s all about Black Lives Matter and the National Anthem kneeling controversy.

The kneeling message has gotten diluted since Trump went ham on NFL players who protested during the song.  It seems Jay wanted to get back on message with the jersey, because Kaepernick’s message was squarely about brutality against African Americans.