Kendall Jenner Chugs Egg Yolks for Love Advent Calendar

Kendall Jenner

Goes All Rocky, Chugging Raw Eggs

… For LOVE

12/4/2017 7:54 AM PST

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DAY 4: Kendall Jenner by Phil Poynter #LOVEADVENT2017

Dating Blake Griffin is rubbing off on Kendall Jenner in a really good way because she makes sweating profusely look awesome.

Kendall channeled her inner “Rocky” for her LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar shoot — guzzling raw egg yolks, shadow boxing and even doing one-handed push-ups! Well, she tried, at least.

There’s even an Adrian cameo shot in the clip — played by Kendall. 

Gigi and Bella HadidEmily RatajkowskiWinnie Harlow and Karlie Kloss are also doing video shoots for LOVE’s Advent Calendar. So, yeah … December’s starting to look really hot.