Kylie Jenner and Tyga Sex Tape Is NOT Kylie Jenner (VIDEO)

12/22/2016 1:35 PM PST


1222-tyga-kylie-tmz-instagramStand down, Internet — that video of Kylie Jenner supposedly banging Tyga in a bathroom, is NOT Kylie or Tyga. Everyone, calm down.

Sources close to Kylie tell us she and her camp have seen the alleged sex tape that surfaced on a website Thursday, and their only reaction is … it’s 100% not Kylie doing the deed.

1222-kylie-jenner-alleged-sex-tape-01We’re told she’s scoffing, particularly because the blurry woman with blonde braids doesn’t even look like her. Yes, Kylie was rocking that ‘do a couple months ago, and one of her actual Snapchat vids from around that time is attached to the alleged sex tape.

But we’re told the hair is the only thing the impostor nailed. Real Kylie didn’t nail anyone … on camera.