Lionel Messi Stops Security Guard from Dragging Away Young Fan

Lionel Messi

Saves Kid from Security Guard

… Hands Off My Fan!

8/30/2017 2:15 PM PDT

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File Under: “Awww”

A young fan ran up to greet Lionel Messi as he was getting off the Argentina soccer team bus in Uruguay on Wednesday … only to get snatched up and dragged away by a security guard.

Messi wasn’t havin’ none of that … ordering the security team to run down the kid and bring him back for a quick meet and greet.  

The kid looked SUPER sad as he was being pulled away … but was all smiles after meeting the FC Barcelona superstar.

In the end, the kid got his shot … and Messi looked like a total hero (instead of a tax cheat).