Michael Jordan Gets G.O.A.T. Treatment in Photo Op with Ex-Rival Patrick Ewing

Michael Jordan

Gets G.O.A.T. Treatment

… from Patrick Ewing!!

11/13/2017 9:11 AM PST

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Want the ultimate proof that heated rivals can become total bros??

Michael Jordan not only attended Patrick Ewing‘s head coaching debut for Georgetown on Sunday … he got invited into his locker room for a post-game photo op!!

Pretty dope shot — M.J. huddles up with the G-Town ballers up front … while all 7 feet of Coach Ewing keeps as low a low profile as humanly possible so his guys can fanboy out.

Class move from Pat — who went toe-to-toe with His Airness for years way back when the Bulls and Knicks were the beasts of the East … and before that in college:

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