Nate Diaz's Coach: We Want $20 Mil to Fight Conor McGregor, At Least!

Nate Diaz’s Coach

We Want $20 Mil to Fight Conor

… At Least!

8/31/2017 7:24 AM PDT

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Nate Diaz‘s boxing coach says his fighter needs BIG money … or else he ain’t coming back to fight Conor McGregor a third time.

How much? 

“At least $20 million, $30 million,” Richard Perez told Submission Radio. “Come on. UFC’s making a whole lot of money.”

“They’re giving more to McGregor, so it’s not fair because it takes two in that ring to draw a crowd.

Conor’s been droppin’ hints that a Diaz trilogy is what he wants for his UFC return — basically challenging Nate to do the dance at 155 pounds for the belt. 

Diaz seems down … but clearly feels he deserves just as much scratch as his superstar rival. 

There’s more … Perez says Nate will whoop on Conor if he gets through training camp uninjured — which he says wasn’t the case for their UFC 202 rematch — and guarantees his boy is the better boxer of the two.

Shots fired.

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Nate Diaz’s coach believes Diaz Deserves “At least $20 million, $30 million” for McGregor Trilogy