Patriots Reward Tom Brady Stolen Jersey Hero, Front Row Seats!!!

New England Patriots

Reward Tom Brady Stolen Jersey Hero

… Front Row Seats!

9/7/2017 8:27 AM PDT

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Remember that kid who singlehandedly sniffed out the SCUMBAG who stole Tom Brady‘s Super Bowl jersey??

Well, Robert Kraft definitely does … and he just hooked that dude up with FRONT ROW TICKETS!!

Remember, 19-year-old Dylan Wagner was the guy who figured out it was Mauricio Ortega who jacked Tom’s uniform and passed the tip to police … which led to that raid in Mexico.

Well, Thursday morning Wagner got a personal visit from Pats owner Bob Kraft — who came bearing some serious thank-you gifts.

Among the goods, Kraft presented Wagner with tix to NE’s home opener against the Chiefs (seat #12, seriously) and an autographed (not stolen) Tom Brady Jersey.

He also got a pair of Robert Kraft Air Force 1s (which were released Thursday) — which run $140 a pair.

As for Ortega … anyone ever hear from that guy??