President Trump's Campaign Sued by Ex Staffer

Trump Campaign Sued

I Didn’t Leak Your Tax Records

But, You Ruined My Career

12/4/2017 12:55 PM PST


Then-candidate Donald Trump‘s campaign honchos destroyed the career of a woman by accusing her of undermining the campaign … according to a lawsuit filed against the President.

Jessica Denson says she was working for the Trump campaign last year, and says members of the campaign staff made her life a living hell. In the docs, Denson says her direct boss on the campaign started a rumor she was responsible for the October 2016 leak of Trump’s tax returns … which she denies. She also says campaign staffers attempted to steal her personal laptop, and cyber-bullied her.

Denson, who was a journalist before joining the campaign, says she reported the incidents to deputy campaign manager David Bossie and campaign COO Jeff DeWitt. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, DeWitt responded by sending an internal email accusing Denson of wasting campaign money.

She was never fired, but claims she was distressed by the fact they ignored her complaints. She’s claiming sexual discrimination and defamation. 

Denson is suing Trump’s campaign for $25 million.