Rep. Steve Scalise Says Kanye Should Support Trump’s Re-Election Bid

Rep. Steve Scalise

I Wanna Play Ball Again

Oh, and About Kanye’s Trump Love

4/25/2018 2:41 PM PDT


Steve Scalise wishes he could be out on the baseball field with his GOP pals almost a year after he was shot at the annual game — and he also has advice for Kanye West on his future run for Prez.

We got the Republican House Majority Whip Wednesday at Reagan National Airport, and asked what he thought of Sen. Jeff Flake and other members of the GOP holding their first practice since a gunman opened fire. Scalise suffered severe internal bleeding from a gunshot to his hip. 

Steve, who was walking with minor support from crutches, said he’s glad Congress is keeping up the tradition and hopes to get back out there himself soon. 

In regards to Kanye — who’s publicly reaffirming his love for President Trump — Scalise sounded excited to have West’s backing.

He did have one request for Kanye though … IF the rapper’s serious about getting into politics, himself. It has do with his timing, and it seems like ‘Ye is fully on board with Rep. Scalise’s plan.