Rick Pitino Sues Louisville For $38 MILLION!!

Rick Pitino

Sues Louisville …

You Owe Me $38 MILLION!!

11/30/2017 3:02 PM PST

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Rick Pitino is suing the University of Louisville Athletic Association for 38 MILLION DOLLARS … claiming they breached his contract when they gave him the ax in October.

In the lawsuit — filed in U.S. District Court — Pitino’s attorney is attempting to recoup the $4.3 million his client was to make each year through 2026 … 9 seasons worth of salary.

The suit states that the ULAA — the part of the University that oversees athletics — didn’t give Pitino a 10-day notice prior to firing him — as his attorney says was mandated by his contract.

This ain’t the first suit Pitino’s team has fired off … last month they sued Adidas for terminating their multi-million dollar deal with the coach.