Shia LaBeouf Cops Plea Deal in Drunken Savannah Arrest

Shia LaBeouf

Plea Deal

In Drunken/Racist Arrest

10/19/2017 7:27 AM PDT

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Shia LaBeouf entered a guilty plea for his public intoxication arrest — the one where he went off on a racist rant — and the judge is sending him to anger management.

Shia entered the Savannah, GA courtroom Thursday morning, and didn’t get any special celeb treatment — he waited in the back of the court until his case was called. Once it was, Shia addressed the judge and entered his plea.

He’s reportedly been sentenced to anger management and must also undergo alcohol evaluation.

TMZ broke the story … the night of his arrest, police cameras captured Shia saying a slew of nasty and racist comments to the officers. Lowlights include — “stupid bitch,” “dumb f**k” and telling one officer his wife watches porn because she loves “black d**k.”