Snoop Dogg Off the Hook in Cracked Spine Lawsuit

Snoop Dogg

Off the Hook in Cracked Spine Suit

7/26/2017 11:42 AM PDT


Snoop Dogg is all about the Cali life … and a judge agreed — tossing out a lawsuit against him because the other side sued him in the wrong state.

You’ll recall Snoop — along with Wiz Khalifa and Live Nation — was sued by 17 concertgoers claiming Snoop and Wiz incited a stampede after imploring fans to “bring your ass down here.” The front row railing at the New Jersey concert collapsed as fans fell 10 feet onto a concrete floor.

At least 40 people were hurt … including a fan who says he suffered a fractured spine. They sued.

Problem is … Snoop’s side argued he lives in Cali — not Pennsylvania where the suit was filed — so he has no business being caught up in this legal mess. The judge said fo shizzle — clearing Snoop from the suit.

Wiz and Live Nation are still fighting the suit.