T.I.'s Melania Trump Look-alike Stripper Video Pisses Off Her Office


Blasted by Melania

For Look-alike Stripper Video

10/16/2018 7:41 AM PDT

T.I. is going directly after President Trump and the First Lady with a salacious video of a Melania look-alike stripping in the Oval Office … for T.I.!!!

Melania’s office is firing back at Tip for the video he released over the weekend … it shows him in the Oval, kicking back smoking a cigar. After Trump leaves the White House, “Melania” walks in wearing nothing but her infamous “I Really Don’t Care” jacket … but only for a few seconds.

Suddenly, she’s naked and on the Presidential desk giving T.I. full view of … everything.

T.I. was clearly trying to draw the ire of POTUS … slapping the caption “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye” on the video.

Melania’s rep Stephanie Grisham tweeted, “How is this acceptable? #disgusting #boycottT.I.”

No response yet from T.I. … but seems like mission accomplished for him.