'The Wire' Actor J.D. Williams Says Kaepernick Screwed Black QB's

‘The Wire’ Actor J.D. Williams

Colin Kaepernick Screwed Black QBs

… Messed Up The Money

8/8/2017 8:03 AM PDT

Colin Kaepernick‘s protest is screwing up the NFL ecosystem for black QBs and costing them major money … so says “The Wire” actor J.D. Williams who says Colin’s hurting more than he’s helping.

Williams has been in a ton of stuff, but he’s most famous for playing street soldier Bodie Broadus for four seasons on HBO’s “The Wire.”

Williams took to his Twitter moments ago and fired off a series of tweets doing something most black celebrities have shied away from doing … criticizing Colin Kaepernick’s protest.

“I appreciate Kaepernicks’ sentiment and attempt at a statement but he didn’t HAVE to sacrifice his career in THAT way. Nice try?”

“We do REMEMBER black QBs in the NFL weren’t even a THING really until about 7 yrs ago right? Kaep f**ked up their money … with a big ass fro.”

He didn’t stop there, going on to imply Colin’s protest wasn’t a smart thing to do, because his employer (the NFL) doesn’t care about his politics.

Spike Lee is now promoting a huge rally for Kaep at NFL headquarters later this month — don’t save a spot for J.D. though.