Twins Beat Down Outside Nightclub Where Houston Rockets Were Partying

Nightclub Brawl

Twins Catch Brutal Beatdown!!!

While Rockets Stars Party

12/4/2017 7:04 AM PST


The Houston Rockets 23-point thrashing of the Lakers was NOT the worst L of the night — that dishonor went to twin bros who got obliterated in a massive nightclub brawl!

We got video of the insanity just as it started Sunday night outside Nightingale in WeHo. Unclear what sparked it, but it’s crystal clear about 4 or 5 guys went off on the twins. Fists, feet … even shoes were used as weapons — and you clearly hear a chick yell, “I’m gonna cut yo’ s**t!”

When security guards broke up one beating, another broke out just across the street. Order was eventually restored, and shortly after … Rockets stars James Harden and Eric Gordon came strolling out of Nightingale.

We’d say they have horrible timing, but the Lakers would beg to differ.