Usher's Insurance Company Draws a Line, You're On Your Own in Herpes Cases


You’re On Your Own in Herpes Cases

… Insurance Co. Wants Out

8/8/2017 11:04 AM PDT

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Usher‘s insurance company put him on notice, with legal papers — it will NOT pay for the $20 million herpes lawsuit against him if he loses because his policy doesn’t cover STDs.

New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed docs referencing the $20 mil case filed in Georgia by a Jane Doe … who claims she contracted herpes from Usher after having sex with him at least twice this year. The insurer points out a clause in the singer’s policy that excludes coverage for “bodily injury … arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by [Usher].”

In the docs, the company also references the lawsuit filed by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom on behalf of a John Doe, another Jane Doe and Quantasia Sharpton … saying it also doesn’t want to pay in that case.

To be clear, Usher’s insurer says it will pay for his defense in the Georgia lawsuit … for now. But if the court agrees with its interpretation of Usher’s policy, it’s not only bailing on him, but will expect a refund for any money previously forked out for the defense.