Victor Ortiz Pleads Guilty In DUI Case

Victor Ortiz

Pleads Guilty in DUI Case

10/27/2017 3:41 PM PDT


Ex-boxing champ — turned “Dancing with the Stars” contestant — Victor Ortiz struck a plea deal in his DUI case … and he’s on thin ice for the next 3 years. 

TMZ Sports broke the story … Ortiz was arrested on Sept. 24 in Ventura County, CA around 7 PM when cops pulled over his BMW and smelled booze. 

Officials say Ortiz’s BAC was MORE than .15 … which is a huge deal because in California, that triggers a “special allegation” which carries a tougher penalty if convicted … more jail, higher fines, etc.

But Ortiz caught a huge break — cutting a deal with prosecutors in which he plead guilty to a misdemeanor DUI and in exchange the “special allegation” was dismissed. 

He was sentenced to 3 years probation and 8 days in county jail — but he’ll get credit for time served for 4 days and the remaining 4 days will be served as part of a work release program. 

As part of his probation, Ortiz is not allowed to patronize bars — or places where alcohol is the main draw.