Warren Sapp Says Battery Lawsuit Is A Sham, Throw It Out & Pay Me

Warren Sapp

Battery Lawsuit Is A ‘Sham’

… Dismiss Suit & Pay Me

3/27/2018 9:11 AM PDT


Warren Sapp says the battery lawsuit filed against him is a “sham” … and he’s asking a judge to throw out the suit, and slap the woman with a cash penalty.

We broke the story … Sapp was sued in Florida by Paula Trickey, a woman who accused the HOF’er of drunkenly running her over at a Super Bowl party in 2015 … severely injuring her.

Sapp — who’s long denied being the one who hurt Trickey — has formally responded to the accusations … claiming the DT wasn’t even at the party where the woman was hurt.

Sapp’s lawyer, Michael Christine, asked the court to declare the suit a “sham” — essentially a case that is clearly false, and without merit — and throw it out.

But, Warren ain’t stoppin’ at simply getting the suit dismissed … he’s also asked the court to impose a monetary sanction against Trickey for filing a bogus lawsuit.